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Thread: Help a lazy noob on ICS root or not to root

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    Help a lazy noob on ICS root or not to root

    I am debating what to do with my 10" thrive. Currently totally stock, pre-ICS. So I am ready to go to ICS and I start reading about rooting.

    Honestly, what do you get by rooting? I understand the argument of "it's my device, I should be able to do what I want". But I am lazy, and don't really care about tweaking unless it is going to make a significant performance boost. I am generally just browsing the web, maybe some games.

    Second question. So if I decide to root, how exactly do I do this? dalepl pointed me to a few things, which didn't make a lot of sense to me.

    I assume I want this rom:
    [ROM] DaleNet IMM76D.01.000072314 Deodexed Stock Rooted ROM (US ICS 4.0.4)

    Do I just follow the directions on the first post? I just noticed there is a video there (which I didn't see two days ago when I was last on the forum, I will watch it tonight when I am at a computer with sound).

    I thought someone said something about rooting before I do this, but maybe I just don't get it?

    - brian

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    The biggest positive to rooting of your tablet is the ability to back up your settings and files more easily. You can make a carbon copy of the current system and save it to an SD card for later use. So if you do tweak or get a bad app, or something goes wrong, you have a backup plan.
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    If you are perfectly happy only using the OS Toshiba releases, don't care about tweaking or anything of that sort, and do not care about backing up your device, then rooting is not for you. Basic advantages are the ability to tweak the interface and OS in all kinds of ways, remove software installed by Toshiba that you don't want, backup your settings and apps or even the full device, and ability to install custom ROMs. Personally, I have 6 Android devices in my home and only 2 are rooted (my Thrive because I want to, and my wife's phone because that was the only way to overcome a problem with her device). I may root my phone again at some point, but I may not.

    I would suggest not moving to ICS until you know for sure you do not want to ever root. It is easy to root now and then go back to stock and unroot later. It is currently impossible to move to ICS unrooted and then root.

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    I would say if there's even a question in your mind you should root it. You can root it and keep it exactly stock, if you like.

    You just never know what you're going to want in the future. This device will get old someday and you may find a different use for it. You may regret having taken away that possiblity. I doubt you will ever regret rooting your device. It's not difficult at all. You'll be proud of yourself when you do it.

    The idea of never being able to root it if you take the Toshiba Update just bothers me.

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    I am lazy too but this is so easy to root it's not even funny

    Sent from my ICS Thrive
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    I learned about ROOT with my old Hauwei S7 and it is well worth it to ROOT.
    As others have said, you can still leave it "stock" other than root, and install Titanium Backup to save your data.
    But if you ever get that inquisitive bug, without root, you can't feed the bug.
    Dalepl has given me some great information to help me "design" my own update.zip file to personalize my installation.
    I am going to use that info to learn and eventually help others as Dalepl has helped me.
    The Easy-Flash Tool is simple to use and if you follow the instructions, you will feel good about what you were able to do.
    Also, the Nandroid Backup (exact copy of your system) will give you the opportunity to return to the previous state, just like others have said.

    Read the forums, Ask Questions and read some more, ask some more questions, and get comfortable with the idea.
    Then. . . . .Take the Plunge!! You won't regret it!
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    My main reason for rooting was to gain access to loading my 1TB USB hard drives through the usb via the Thrive NTSF Mount apk I found here. Now I can take my large hard drives with me and still have access via my thrive to all the videos and music on them.
    Tablet: Toshiba Thrive AT100 10.1 32gb
    ROM: DaleNet Deodexed ICS ROM
    Firmware: 4.0.4
    Kernel: android-toshiba@tesibuild7 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 23 11:22:12 IST 2012
    Build Number: IMM76D.01.00072314

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