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Thread: ATTENTION: - PSA - New Owners / Members / Lurkers - READ BEFORE YOU ROOT!!!

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    ATTENTION: - PSA - New Owners / Members / Lurkers - READ BEFORE YOU ROOT!!!

    There was an OFFICIAL "System Update" from Toshiba on 10-21-11 which brings the device up to v3.

    You can find that discussion thread here: System Update 10-21-11 - v3.

    If you're unaware of what "rooting" means, afraid to do it, etc then you should not do so until you at least read this thread:

    What is Rooting on Android? The Advantages and Disadvantages

    However, should you choose to root anyway, it carries with it the following caveats:

    1) You will NOT be always able to immediately apply OFFICIAL system updates (such as Honeycomb v3.2 and Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0). Instead you'll either need to unroot / go back to stock or wait until an unofficial update is provided by whoever. Applying any official / unofficial update WHILE ROOTED is done AT YOUR OWN RISK. Applying an official update while rooted is NOT RECOMMENDED in most cases. Applying an official update while stock / unrooted carries minimal risk by comparison.

    To unroot, you may try this method (again AT YOUR OWN RISK): How do i unroot and get complete stock

    2) As of this new update version, you will no longer be able (for the moment) to use fastboot. What is Fastboot?

    See here: Fastboot - Android Wiki

    Without Fastboot, existing root methods will not be successful after applying this update. Once again, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to apply ANY system update (this does not typically pertain to mere Service Station app updates such App Place, Book Place, etc) while rooted. If you ignore this WARNING, you could end up with a unit that no longer boots. If it's your fault, please own it / take responsibility.

    3) Toshiba has been gracious enough to allow downgrades, you can find more about that here:

    Option for OTA reversion from 31.5.0011 to - Toshiba Forums

    However, they could withdraw the option at anytime. Let's try keep the incidence of "I broke my unit because I just didn't read the sticky" low, okay? If it the number of people that root / brick their units / send it in for repair / expect support in this mangled state then gets too high, many might not blame them for reversing course.

    4) Google Video Rentals WILL NOT work while ROOTED. They're are designed that way. Even once purchased (if you even get that far), playback will likely fail. Why? This is because the content owners / movie studios wanted it this way. So the video content is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. It's not Toshiba's fault. The blame should be shared between Google / content owners / movie studios. If you want this ability, you must stay stock / unrooted to ensure proper functionality regarding your purchases.

    This is the DRM technology / company Google bought to secure video - Multiplatform DRM - Widevine Technologies

    This is the Movies market, you'll miss out on: https://market.android.com/movies


    This post is NOT meant to scare or otherwise intimidate people so they don't root. It's more of PSA (Public Service Annoucement) to educate you about what your options and the potential consequences before you land yourself in an undesirable situation. If you would like to suggest corrections / additions to this post, please do so via PM (Private Message). DO NOT create a new thread to discuss this one. Please instead use the various existing threads linked in this one.

    Please press the "Like" button where available instead of sending a PM if you want to say you like this post, thanks, etc. If browsing on the Thrive itself, you may need to tap "once" any given post for the "Like" option to appear. The cause for this is unknown.

    As always, enjoy THRiVEing!

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