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    Post [UPDATE] MovieGallery 1.3 Release Notes

    MovieGallery 1.3

    Release Information

    MovieGallery has been updated in the Android Market and will soon be updated in the Barnes & Noble NOOKstore.

    What is MovieGallery?

    Because the Gallery app for Android devices is somewhat limited in terms of capabilities (it is more photo-oriented than video) I created MovieGallery.

    While similar to Gallery, MovieGallery uses an image-based look to display your movies. It can use thumbnails like the Gallery app does, but you can also add your own images, such as cover images from DVDs for example.

    MovieGallery has a lot of customization options, which basically enables you to get that perfect look for browsing your movies.

    Here is how it works:

    After install, MovieGallery will have a shortcut in your App collection:

    When you start it, MovieGallery will scan your device for movies and images. Once completed, it will display the videos it found on screen, and if you have images with the same name as the movie on your device, it will use those images to display it, otherwise it will try and generate a screenshot of the video to display:

    Because thumbnails are not always the easiest to use to recognize things like TV shows, MovieGallery (new in 1.3) has the capability to write the movie name on the actual image. Just tap settings on your device, or long-press on the image,

    and in the menu, select”Write name on image”

    (MovieGallery automatically adjusts the size of the text to fit the full name on the image)

    If you rather use actual cover images ( for information on how and where to get them, visit this link for the how to for the previous version: MovieGallery | DVD Catalyst 4, the ultimate app for movies & tv on the go ), you can download them from websites like albumart.org:

    Just rightclick and save the image you want to use:

    Make sure you name it the same as the actual movie name (if the video is called Ben Hur.mp4 the image needs to be called Ben Hur.jpg or Ben Hur.png) and copy it to your device. I usually place them in the same folder as the movie:

    Then restart MovieGallery on your device, and when it asks, have it (since you changed something) rescan your content, and your image will be displayed:

    If you organize your videos in folders on your device, MovieGallery will let you (new in 1.3) switch easily between them. Just tap on the screen, and it will display the folders that it found video content in:

    You can slide the folders to see the names, and a tap on the folder will have MovieGallery switch to displaying the content of just that folder:


    MovieGallery has a lot of settings you can play with to change the look. To get there, just tap and hold the screen:

    and select Settings from the menu at the bottom:

    Change the view mode from 3D to 2D, turn off/on the mirroring below the image, change the image size, background color or use your own background image and much more.

    Video Player:

    MovieGallery has a build-in video player. It makes use of hardware acceleration on your device to provide you with the best video playback quality, but if you prefer to use a different player (mobo player, rock player, dice player etc, not available on NOOKcolor though) you can do that too. Just enable the “external video player” setting in MovieGallery’s settings. Enabling this setting will also result in MovieGallery displaying additional video file formats such as AVI and MKV. Playback of these files differs greatly depending on your video files. Because these players are not developed by us, we do not provide support for them. We recommend using video files that are properly optimized for the device to get the best playback experience.

    If you do use MovieGallery’s own video player capability, you get some handy but unique features along with it.

    *MovieGallery’s player remembers the playback position for all your movies, so when you stop in the middle of a movie, and watch something else next day, you can still go back to where you left off with your movie.

    *MovieGallery’s player has “jump” buttons that let you skip 1 or 5 minutes forward/backward in the movie without having to use the slider bar. These buttons are also configurable so you can set them up to match your TV recording conversions for example.

    *Screen zoom. Eliminate black borders. For most video players, you are stuck with black borders in one way or another, but with MovieGallery you can use a collection of screen modes that enable you to use the full screen for your movie.


    *Original size:

    For an idea of how it looks, I uploaded a video to YouTube:

    MovieGallery 1.3

    Movie Gallery is available in the Android Market in 2 flavors:

    Movie Gallery
    ($2) : https://market.android.com/details?i...s.moviegallery

    Movie Gallery Free
    : https://market.android.com/details?i...iegallery.free

    The free version has some limitations, such as a limited movie-count and it has a fixed background and image size. Unlike the previous free version, the rest of the settings are now accessible.

    For a more detailed How to, visit the following link:

    MovieGallery | DVD Catalyst 4, the ultimate app for movies & tv on the go

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