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    Another AT100 4.04 IMM76D.01.000072314

    I am anotherone who got trapped with updating to 4.0.4. As I read I must contact dalepl. Or there is any other new solution?
    Thanks for your help

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    PM dalepl or Pio_Masaki....

    And, as usual, the standard warning...

    Now, the really, really, important part:


    Occasionally, there are posts by people who claim to be able to "reflash" non-functional Thrives.
    For the protection of our forum members, any such messages are deleted immediately. A second post is rewarded with an immediate, permanent ban -- and I urge that no one think to test our Moderators on this.
    Recently, a few individuals have done exactly that and are now on the outside looking in.

    The reasons are simple:

    First - TRUST. The method used by these would-be reflashers involves full remote access to your PC, with file transfers. Are you willing to turn your computer over to a brand-new forum user who has no reputation, who might infect your computer with a virus or other malware? Even if you think there are no passwords and credit card numbers to steal, malware can easily turn your PC into a "zombie" that attempts to infect other computers across the Internet and on your home network.

    Second - Even if the person offering has no malicious intent, the reflash tool is dangerously powerful.
    One mistake can irrevocably "brick" a Thrive, which even Toshiba can't undo without expensive hardware repair.
    Are you willing to trust your Thrive to someone who may have never used the tool before, or has no responsibility for the result?

    So, if, after trying the above procedures, your Thrive appears to need reflashing, please post on the forums first.

    Maybe someone can help fix it without reflashing. If it turns out a reflash is needed, send a PM to dalepl and pio_masaki - nobody else.
    They are recognized Developers on this forum and are trusted, professional and helpful. They have the knowledge, experience and the proper tools to do it correctly. NOBODY ELSE can make that claim.

    You may be contacted via PM by another member offering "help".
    They are not sanctioned by the forum owners or Staff, and DO NOT possess the knowledge, experience, trustworthiness, or, possibly, the proper tools needed, to fix the issue.
    They might, in fact, do more harm than good, and the forum is in no way responsible for any damage done by them.
    You could easily end up with a non-recoverable $400 brick.

    If you are approached by ANY OTHER MEMBER offering this service please contact the Moderation Team IMMEDIATELY so we can take appropriate action - and before the damage is done.

    Running DaleNet Rooted ICS v4.0.4 and Turbo Prop mod

    No affiliation with Toshiba whatsoever- other than as a satisfied Thrive owner.

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    Welcome aboard and hopefully you will be able to resolve your issue...


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