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    Cool [ROM] DaleNet HTK55D.31.5.0008 Stock Rooted ROM (US HC 3.2.1)

    Thrive HTK55D.31.5.0008 Stock Rooted ROM - This is a US based ROM

    This release of DaleNet HTK55D.31.5.0008 Stock Rooted ROM is basicaly a stock ROM, but I did add ClockWorkMod. I moved many of the pre-installed apps from system to user installed. This allows you to remove the apps you do not want and keep the apps that you want to keep. I have added only minimal mods and will add more if there is enough interest in the mod. You can use Titanium Backup or any root enabled file manager to remove any of the pre-installed apps that I did not move to the user installed area.


    NOTE: Please do a complete system backup before installing this ROM. If you have a problem when loading, you will then be able to restore your device to the way it was before you attempted to install this ROM. Thank you.

    WARNING: This WILL delete all user data and apps. It resets the device to out of the box state.

    To install this ROM, do the following:

    You will need to have ClockWorkMod Recovery flashed to your device. I recommend that you do NOT let Google restore your apps during the initial setup process. The Google Market still has issues with not installing apps when it gets a request for multiple app installs. After getting the device setup, you can use the market to install your apps, but do it one app at a time.
    1. Power down your device.
    2. Boot the device into ClockWorkMod Recovery.
    3. Select "Install zip from sdard".
    4. Select "Apply /sdcard/update.zip".
    5. Select "Yes - Install /sdcard/update.zip".
    6. Watch the ROM install on your device.
    7. When completed, select "+++++Go Back+++++".
    8. Select "reboot system now".
    9. Once the device boots up, go through the initial setup. I recommend that you do NOT let Google restore your apps, so unselect this option during setup.
    10. Once you have completed initial setup and verified the device is operating correctly, you need to verify superuser operation by doing the following:
      • On the main screen, select APPS.
      • On the applications screen, select Superuser. It will give you the version info. Close this and you will see a log.
      • From the Superuser log screen, select the wrench in the upper right corner. This will open the properties view.
      • On the properties screen, scroll down to SUPERUSER INFO. It should say "Superuser (version number)" and "Su binary (version number)". Tap on "Su binary (version number)". This will open the updater screen and should say "CURRENT VERSION ALREADY INSTALLED. NO ACTION REQUIRED." at the top.
      • Click on UPDATE ANYWAY at the bottom.
      • If you get no failures, then you have superuser access on your device and all is good. NOTE: You might get a failure setting /system to R/O. This is OK and can be ignored.
    11. After ensuring you have superuser access, use Titanium Backup to restore your apps or use the Market to reload your apps (one at a time).
    12. Enjoy the ROM.

    None. Looks like the stock OS out of the box.

    - CHANGE LOG -

    • Initial release.
    • Added stock rooted boot image.
    • Added su binary.
    • Added busybox binary.
    • Added superuser app.
    • Added OpenVPN patch.
    • Added AdHoc patch.
    • Added bash shell.
    • Replaced stock recovery with ClockWorkMod recovry.
    • Moved the following pre-installed items from system to user installed:
      • Adobe Flash Player
      • Earth Live Wallpaper
      • Galaxy Live Wallpaper
      • GMail
      • Google+
      • Google 3D Gallery
      • Google Browser
      • Google Movie Studio
      • Google Play Books
      • Google Play Music
      • Google Play Movies
      • HW Games SE launcher
      • HW Backgammon
      • HW Euchre SE
      • HW Hearts SE
      • HW Solitare SE
      • HW Spades SE
      • Kerperskey Tablet Security
      • Netflix
      • NSF Shift
      • Polar Clock Live Wallpaper
      • PrintShare
      • Quickoffice
      • Sky Live Wallpaper
      • Swype Keyboard
      • Toshiba Media Player
      • Toshiba Registration
      • Toshiba Thrive User's Guide
      • Water Live Wallpaper
      • YouTube Player
    • ZipAligned apk files.
    - DOWNLOAD -

    DaleNet-Thrive_7-HTK55D.31.5.0008-Stock_Rooted_ROM-v1.0 (MD5 Checksum Value: fd26fb9440532c798bc1d95d3e9ee9f5)

    GPS Fix By Country and Continent


    Any popular mod that will enhance the ROM.

    - Thanks -

    @clstengel for compiling the new ClockWorkMod for us.
    All those that have tested for me.
    All those that have donated to me.
    My Development
    Easy Flash Tool (DOS) | Root/Unroot Tool (Linux)
    DaleNet ROMs Section - Fully Stock Roms and Rooted Stock ROMs for many different regions.

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    Nice job!

    I am trying to use a usb-ethernet adapter with the Thrive 7 (with external power added).
    I used the USB_Ethernet_DriverPack.v0.1.[Quiethinker].zip package of drivers. The device "eth0" is not showing up.

    dmesg is giving me this:
    <3>[ 3768.347824] qf9700_android: version magic ' SMP preempt mod_unload ARMv7 ' should be ' SMP preempt mod_unload ARMv7 '

    Should the magic for the ROM have the "-00024-g1d3f40e" part?

    Do you have compatible usb ethernet drivers built for this ROM?

    If it is reasonable to do, I would welcome including the USB Ethernet drivers in your next ROM for the Thrive 7.

    Thank you.

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    I have a USB ethernet adapter from BobJ. The HC 3.2.1 has drivers natively for it. Even though you are on the 7" ROM, it should have the same drivers in it. All you have to do to get this one to work is turn WiFi off and plug this one in. It does have to be connected to your hub or router first, but otherwise it works just fine.
    My Development
    Easy Flash Tool (DOS) | Root/Unroot Tool (Linux)
    DaleNet ROMs Section - Fully Stock Roms and Rooted Stock ROMs for many different regions.


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