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Thread: Basic How-To for Theming

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    Basic How-To for Theming

    General How-To for Theming

    Required Software: (Windows)
    1. Android SDK (Both Windows and Mac OSX) ----- File: Android SDK | Android Developers
    2. Text Editor Free - Notepad++, I use UltraEdit for advance features(which will be covered later on)
    3. ApkManger 5.0 ----- File: APK Manager Ver 5.0 - Makes Modifying Ur Apk A Breeze (Windows/Linux) - xda-developers
    autoApkTool ----- File: [TOOL] V2.0.0-xdaAutoTool BETA-Windows | V2.0.3-autoAPKTool | V1.0.2-autoDeoTool - xda-developers
    5. Base ROM (usually in a update.zip)
    6. 7zip ----- File: 7-Zip
    7. GIMP or Paint.net for editing graphic files, or any other paint program that can create, save png file format.

    Alt for Mac OSX

    1. Android Utility
    Apk Manger 4.9 for Mac OX ----- File: [UTILITY][10-10-2011] APK Manager for Mac OS X, Intel only, v1.2 - xda-developers

    The software I recommend using is because I use it and know it works. There are many different software packages you can use. Once you have the basic knowledge of Theming, how you accomplish it can be different.

    Suggestions, things to help in theming:

    1. When Installing Apk Manager or xdaAutoApktool, install these to a seperate drive other than C:, these programs do alot of crunching(reads and writes) and so should be on seperate drives(recommended, not required)

    2. Your Base ROM is your bible, the Base ROM should be unzipped and use this as a basis for theming. Never theme the apk's contained in the unzipped ROM. Always, always copy the file you are modifying....

    Terminology Used

    APK - android package kit, just like a .zip or a .jar file, except for Android in which android can install it or use the file.
    APKTool - this is the toolkit that Brut.all has provided that allows all this magic of decompiling/compiling
    Decompiling - The process of taking a apk and expandeding it into a readable format for editing/themeing and modding
    Compiling - The process of taking a decompiled apk and packaging it back into an apk to be used for flashing or pushing onto a Android device

    1. Install Android SDK and ensure that you download the newest api's. API 13(min) is needed to for HoneyComb theming. They just release API 14 which now works for ICS
    ------ How to Install Android SDK Installing the SDK | Android Developers

    The rest of the installs are pretty straightforward

    After you have installed the above software we need to do a few things to get things setup for decompiling/compiling apk's.

    Framework Files

    The Base ROM you have to theme should be unzipped somewhere on your hard drive. Go there

    For the Thrive we need two files at minium:

    These files can be contained in different sub folder depending how package was created.

    COPY these two files to:

    (where ever you installed this program too)

    1. If your using autoApkTool, after running the program you are presented with a menu with alot of options. Don't worry it's not as scary as it looks. It is beign built to do a lot of different things, I will cover the basics for you to use.

    2. Select option #21, here we are going to select the apktool version to use. Select option #3 (1.4.1). After you have done this, you will notice top of menu screen should say your using apktool version 1.4.1

    3. Next select option to install framework

    4. Next select option to install other framework(very important!!!!)

    Andorid uses different files for making up what we will call the core operating system. it can and will vary depending on what you are attempting to theme/mod:
    For the Thirve we are concerned about 2 files for this part:
    1. Framework-res.apk
    2. SystemUi.apk

    Now file #1 is covered by selection option to install framework file, but SystemUI is not covered by this. Why becuase different types of devices use different system files. So by selecting to install other framework option, it asks us to drag over the the file we wish it to install. Drag over SystemUI.apk

    What these file do for us, when we go to decompile and apk's have calls to these other resources(apk's) the system can call upon these resources for decompiling and compiling. Android checks to make calls and images and other resources are correct syntax, and being used, so it needs these System files to do this.

    If all goes well you will see it say it loaded these files.

    1. Basic Decompiling:

    a. Option 2 and Option 6 both decompile apk's. Option 2 decompiles all apk's in the _input_apk folder and option 6 allows you to drag a file into menu window to decompile only one apk at a time.

    b. For now, do an option 6, drag over Framework-res.apk into menu window.

    c. autoApkTool will do it's thing if you have installthe framework files from above steps.

    d. once compeleted you will be presented with a screen showign the results of the decompiling.
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